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Ready to take your business to the next level and create a thriving brand that reflects your unique style? Enroll in this exclusive business program and unlock a wealth of resources, including weekly calls and daily communication support. Discover the secrets to generating passive income, boosting your social media following, and landing lucrative six-figure deals. Elevate your painting skills into a profitable venture with our comprehensive mural program. 

(Payment plans available)


  • Includes tailored mentorship coaching plan (minimum of 6 weeks coaching)

  • Includes an action plan to diversifying income streams

  • Includes steps to expand social media presence

  • Includes steps to securing jobs with well-known brands

  • Explores passive income opportunities as a muralist   

  • Learn how to further your art skills with online group painting sessions

  • Access to unlimited guides, mentor support and more                                                   

*This package is specifically designed for experienced muralists who have successfully worked with a client.*

Business Package

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