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Paint to Profit

Transforming passion into profit.


Paint to Profit

Transforming passion into profit.


About the Mentor

Hey, I'm Emma!

I began painting murals in 2020 but created my art business at fifteen years old. I had the amazing opportunity right out of high school to travel full time to paint murals across the U.S.A in my self-converted tiny home on wheels. This journey allowed me to grasp a deep understanding and learn new tools on how to properly network, scale your art business, and become a traveling artist .
Now I get to share those tools and lessons with you!

I truly believe with tenacity and passion, you can become a full-time muralist living out your wildest dreams. If I can do it, so can you! 

Mentorship Program 

Beginner Package

Included in this package is a comprehensive step-by-step action plan designed to help you launch a successful mural business. By the conclusion of this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to set your rates competitively and master the art of painting large-scale murals.

(Payment plans available)

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  •  Includes three 90 minute coaching calls 

  •  Covers the fundamental aspects of being a muralist

  • Includes necessary steps to embark on this career path

  • Includes critique of artwork

  • Access to "How to Price Mural Guide" and "Finding Mural Jobs"

  • Action plan to securing licensing and insurance required


*This package is specifically designed for individuals who have not yet completed a mural.*

 Business Package

Ready to take your business to the next level and create a thriving brand that reflects your unique style? Enroll in this exclusive business program and unlock a wealth of resources, including weekly calls and daily communication support. Discover the secrets to generating passive income, boosting your social media following, and landing lucrative six-figure deals. Elevate your painting skills into a profitable venture with our comprehensive mural program. 

(Payment plans available)

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1 on 1 Consultation 

Would you like to unlock your full potential and elevate your skills? Reserve a one-on-one session with me, and I'll craft a customized action plan just for you. This exclusive opportunity is perfect for artists of all levels. Let's take your skills to the next level together!

(Payment plans available)

CLICK image to purchase plan

  • Includes tailored mentorship coaching plan (minimum of 6 weeks coaching)

  • Includes an action plan to diversifying income streams

  • Includes steps to expand social media presence

  • Includes steps to securing jobs with well-known brands

  • Explores passive income opportunities as a muralist   

  • Learn how to further your art skills with online group painting sessions

  • Access to unlimited guides, mentor support and more                                                   

*This package is specifically designed for experienced muralists who have successfully worked with a client.*

  • Includes one, one on one call 

  • Includes optional critiques of artwork 

  • Includes personalized action plan

Paint Brush




Have any questions before booking a session? Feel free to reach out!

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